Mark Roberts Mini Milo Control


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Rent this truly unique motion control robot developed by MRMC. Based on the popular Milo, the Mini Milo has unique customizations that have never been replicated.




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Key Features

Portable and Ready to Shoot

Setup and ready to shoot in an hour. (unless being assembled from flight cases in which case 3 people can have it ready to shoot within the same time). Used daily in locations across the world, the Milo can be either transported whole or broken down into seven main sections (excluding rails) for increased transport options. Integrated floor wheels make the Milo very easy to move around a location or studio space. This portability and ease of use make the Milo a go-to choice for creative visionaries.

Optimized System Geometry

Capture perfectly smooth footage from ground level (or below) up to a maximum lens height of 4.1 metres with the Milo. The extending arm is adjustable in length, and if additional height is required, the Milo Long Arm option can extend the maximum lens height to over 6 metres. The ‘Target Tracking’ feature built into Flair make straight line moves and perfect arcs in any direction achievable. 


Multiple Axes

The Milo can provide axes for Track, Rotate, Lift, Arm Extension, Head Angle (Outer Arm), Pan, Tilt, Roll, Camera, Zoom, Focus, and Iris. The overall system can also control many more axes for equipment such as model movers.

CGI Interface

Producing complex camera movements for the Milo rig to perform and ensuring full integration with industry standard 3D and CGI packages is made simple with MRMC’s Flair Motion Control software. Flair allows you to pre-visualise your camera movements and transfer them to the Milo to execute on set or export the exact motion made by the rig for use in post-production.